Hugh's Bultaco                      

The annual SMOG Open House took place on February 5th, 
2005. The pictures tell the story of a great group of 
cycle fans coming out on a sunny winter afternoon to 
enjoy the hospitality and memorabilia so kindly 
provided by Hugh's Bultaco.


Hugh Weaver became a Bultaco dealer in 1970. 
From that time until the unfortunate demise 
of this great marque, Hugh's Bultaco was a 
full line dealer, exclusively for Bultaco. 
Bultaco was never a side line there. 

Since the turmoil in Spain and the ultimate 
end of the manufacture of new Bultacos, Hugh's 
has been aquiring existing new old stocks of 
parts and motorcycles. They still have some brand 
new, never serviced motorcycles in their own 
personal collection. 

As existing new old stocks were exhausted 
Hugh began establishing sources for new production. 
In some cases, parts are manufactured in the U.S., 
while others are made in Europe and Asia. 
Several items are being made by companies who 
had supplied original equipment parts to Bultaco. 

Hugh's has amassed over 400 Bultacos in varying 
condition from parts bikes to clean used machines 
ready to ride. Call them with your specific needs. This 
inventory constantly changes as old Buls are found. If 
you have a Bultaco for sale or know of any, please 
drop them a note. Include photos and an asking 
price. They also take trades. 

Hugh's Bultaco
682 Taghkanic Churchtown Rd 
Craryville, NY 12521 
Phone 518-851-7184   Fax 518-851-2533