Yankee Articles and Books

Big Bike 1974 February
Custom Street Yankee 500

Cycle 1968 April
Yankee 500 'Boss' Scrambler Preview

Cycle 1972 December
Two Yankees in Alaska

Cycle Guide 1973 April
Yankee Rides the Whoop-Dee-Doos

Cycle Guide 1973 March
Yankee 460 MX

Cycle Guide 1978 November
John Taylor - Making the
Longshot a Way of Life

Cycle Sports Stars of 1973
1000cc Twin Engine Yankee

Cycle World 1968 April
Riding the Yankee

Cycle World 1968 May
The Yankee Engine

Cycle World 1972 April
First Test Yankee 500 6 Speed Twin

Cycle World 1987 June
Yankee Ingenuity 

Dirt Cycle 1973 April
Boondockin' with the "Big Yank"

Dirt Rider 1973 March
Yankee Z Enduro Test

Mini Bike Guide 1970 September
Full Bore "Boss" Mini Bike

Modern Cycle 1973 April
Single Page of Specs

Moto Legende 2001 November
Ossa 500, French Magazine

Motorcycle Sport Book 1968
Yankee with a Latin Twist

Motorcycle World July 1972
Yankee's Unique 500cc Woods Machine   

Motor Cyclist 1972 May
Yankee 500 Twin & Motor Cutaway  

Motor Cyclist 1972 November 
Yankee 460 Motocross Bike 

Motor Cyclist 1977 July
Ossa Yankee 500

Motor Cyclist 1994 July
Yankee 500 Z Retrospective

Motorrad 1973 September
Yankee Test, German Magazine

Motorrad 1977 April
Yankee Doodle, German Magazine

NYS Museum Book
The Motorcycle Industry
in New York State

Rider 1994 November
Yankee 500 Z Retrospective 

Solo Moto 1976 November
Ossa 500, Spanish Magazine

Super Cycle 1973 March

Yankee 500 Street / Trail Screamer

Trail Bike 1973 Spring
Woods Testing America's 500 cc Two Stroke

Two Wheels 1975 October
Yankee Enduro Dandy!

VMX 1999
"Cool Beyond Description"

VMX December 2003

Yankee Parts Manual

Yankee Owner's Manual

Yankee Service Manual